We are supporting our customers to create products, that will ensure success in the market

Who are we?

TEKNAROMA has been established in 2003 on the successful heritage of TEKNAROM. TEKNAROM was established in 1986 and the company first represented PFW as exclusive agent.

Over the years, Teknarom – and later Teknaroma – represented world leaders like CP Kelco (1987-2011), Overseal/ Naturex (1994-2013), Palsgaard (1997-present), Griffith (1997-present) and IFF (1999-2010) as exclusive agent and distributor.

What we do?

TEKNAROMA is perceived by the Turkish Food Industry not only as an ingredient agent and distributor, but rather as Food Industry and Marketing Consultant.

TEKNAROMA enjoys a proud heritage of commercial and financial success and a very promising future. Teknaroma is one of the leading companies which gives a totally integrated service to the Turkish Food Industry by creating synergies with the World’s leading companies.


How we got started

  • 1986

    TEKNAROM established.
  • 1986-1999

  • 1987-2011

    CP Kelco
  • 1994-2013

    Overseal / Naturex
  • 1997-Present

    Palsgaard and Griffith Laboratories
  • 1999-2010

  • 2003

    TEKNAROMA established
  • 2014-Present

    Bell Flavors and Fragrances

Solutions that differentiate your products

  • Emulsifiers for Chocolate Products
  • Emulsifiers for Bakery Products
  • Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Dairy Products
  • Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Mayonnaise and Sauces
  • Ice cream Emulsifiers and Stabilizers
  • Margarine Emulsifiers
  • Texture and Coating Systems
  • Protein Marinades
  • Pizza Dough Premixes
  • Seasoning and Coating Systems for Nuts and Snacks
  • Sauce Types (Powder / Liquid)
  • High Quality and Affordable Flavor Solutions
  • Natural Flavors
  • Powder and Liquid Flavors
  • Halal Flavors
  • Special Product Developments and Services to Companies