teknaroma-ortak-logo-griffCreating customized food products that delight and differentiate

In today’s competitive food industry, the road to profitability is through differentiation. At Griffith Laboratories™, we harness the power of science, our innovative resources, processes and ingredient systems to create breakthrough products that connect with consumers and add real business value for food companies. Whether your plans are to expand globally or bring the world’s best ideas to local markets, let us partner with you and, together, we will lead the way.

Griffith is a family-owned, privately-held company which has been in business for 90+ years and with more than 2500 employees.

Three complementary businesses

  • Griffith Laboratories – Dry Ingredient Blends, Ready-to-Use sauces, and Coatings Systems
  • Custom Culinary™ – Bases, Dry Gravies & Sauces, and RTU Sauces
  • Innova – Savory Flavors

Extensive Industry Reach

  • QSR, Casual, Fast Casual, and Foodservice
  • Processed Foods – Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood, and Meals
  • Retailers and Distributors

Portfolio of Sensory Experiences

  • Protein Seasonings; Snack Seasonings; Dry Gravies, Sauces and Soups; Side Dish Seasonings; Coating Systems; Bakery and Dough


At Griffith Laboratories™, we partner with food companies to take their products and menus beyond the expected.

  • Reach new destinations in flavour, healthfulness, performance and cost efficiency.
  • Leverage our superior food science, creative innovation and differentiating ingredient systems.
  • Create customized food products for Premium Casual Dining to delight your consumers.


By developing customized ingredient systems that:

  • Deliver superior functional and sensory properties.
  • Empower customers to create distinctive offerings.
  • Allow customers to achieve competitive advantages.