Aeration, crystallization, fat reduction and plastification: If you can control these four basic properties, then you can craft your margarine products to meet almost any requirement.

As the inventor of the commercial emulsifier, Palsgaard has been helping manufacturers control the essential properties of margarine for almost a century. We now make close to 100 different emulsifiers for margarine – with even more in development.

We continue to be a leader and innovator in emulsifiers for:

Our customers often ask us to help them to optimize:

  • Emulsion stability
  • Frying performance
  • Spreadability
  • Shelf-life stability of low- and very low-fat spreads
  • Volume of whipped margarine
  • Lamination in puff pastry
  • Liquid margarine
  • Prevention of oiling out
  • Production costs
  • Volume and softness in cake systems
  • Softness in bread
  • Non-lecithin solutions
  • Trans-fat free recipes